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Thank you for taking the time to visit. My mission is to provide the best possible service in creating an atmosphere of harmony and efficiency within your business environment.

I bring with me an extensive background in the automotive retailing business with 13 years of in-dealer experience. Starting out of school as a parts driver and advancing to fixed operations management in major metro markets before advancing on to a major International DMS provider.

I enjoyed a 17 year career with the Reynolds & Reynolds Company beginning with field installations and new user systems training to Sr. Remote Customer Training Consultant. Now retired from Reynolds I offer the my services to share my accumulated knowledge.

My experience has taught me that the dynamics of every automotive dealership are as unique and different as the regions and people that they do business with. I bring to the table my desire to take my experiences and work with the dynamics of your business to create a happy, healthy environment for you, your staff and most of all, your customers.


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Hatrack Consulting Services operates exclusively with the Vancouver Island dealer marketplace.

Hatrack Consulting Services